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Technical Services

At Halo we offer a wide range of technical services to meet the needs of all our clients.

Permanent hair tinting
An all over total colour application recommended for covering grey hair or lightening the hairs natural depth. Colour is chosen using a depth consultation chart and colours can be mixed to provide a truly individual look. Our stylists can recommend natural, subtle or vibrant colours for the more fashion conscious. A skin test may be required 48 hours prior to your appointment.

Semi permanent hair colouring
An all over colour application that lasts approximately six to eight weeks. Colour fades out over time meaning that new hair growth blends in and appears less obvious than permanent colours. Semi permanent colouring can cover up to 80% of grey as well as add fantastic shine, depth and tone to your hair.

Tone, shine and gloss
Used mainly to enhance the hairs natural colour for a more subtle translucent effect. Tone, shine and gloss can mask up to 50% of grey, lasts approximately four to six weeks and is ideal as an introduction to colour.

Color Supreme
Many permanent colours can struggle to give perfect coverage on hair with more than 50% white hair. So L'Oreal have introduced a colourant that gives a beautiful, natural, and rich colour with more hold to last until the next colour is due.

Partial /Half/ Full Head Foils
Also known as highlights or lowlights this method achieves a personalized and precise colour result. Multiple colour choice and conventional or freehand colour placement results in a look that is personal to you. Foil colouring is ideal for a natural sun kissed look or a bold striking colour statement.

We offer a range of perming services and techniques to create the ultimate curl and texture. A full consultation with your stylist prior to your appointment will offer advice and recommendations on the best service for you. Perming can be used to create body and volume, soft waves or spiral curls.

The Wash House
Why not try out our new "Wash House" Service? This service consists of a conditioning treatment recommended by your stylist, with a full head massage including neck and ears, if desired a soothing hand and arm massage and our relaxing back massage. You will also receive a gift pack: including three products especially selected for your hair.